Ces films que j’Aime : La La Land

This is a story about what was, what could have been… and a story about what is.
This is a story about Love.
This is a story about life, and all the things that get in the way sometimes… A story about fate and serendipity, about all the things that just Need to Be.
It’s a story for those who dream, those with sparkles in their eyes.
It’s a story for those who stop walking despite being in a hurry, just for one minute, just for a bit, to listen to the girl who plays the cello on the corner of a busy street.
This is a story about all the stories that will never be told. A story about stories that will forever stay Ifs, and What-Ifs.

When I got out of the cinema that night, I knew that story would forever be one of the most precious story I was ever told.

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